Honduras by Motorbike

Honduras was another country that I would skip through quite quickly. Because of time constraints to get to the Stahlratte and cross the Darien Gap, I had to make some decisions. The reason I stayed only a few days was simple, most of the good stuff in this country are up north and that would have put me way behind schedule. I would spend only one night in Tegucigalpa, before moving on to Nicaragua. The country is lush and green and the weather was sensational for the few days I was there. I just wish I had more time to explore this country.

Honduras had decent roads and security at the hotel was tight, I was able to park my bike securely and make sure I could get on my way early the following morning. The food was great, especially the street food, again lots of varieties of tacos (which I love) and the people were very friendly. if I was to return it would definitely be to the north of the country where there are apparently amazing beaches and diving opportunities. However, I had time constraints and it was important for me to move on so I only got a few days. The border was a problem withy one of the worst roads I had encountered and would encounter on my trip.

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