El Salvador by Motorbike

El Salvador was one of my favorite countries. The riding was superb and the people were fantastic, to me the highlight was El Cuco, a resort town with amazing beaches and beautiful food. I pretty much had the whole hotel to myself for 3 days, steeped high on a clifftop overlooking the beaches. It was one of the nicest places I had ever been. The riding was also fun, for the first time getting off the many highways and being able to really see the country by driving through village after village. Each town has its own flavor and the people were hard working and seemed so happy.

The food was also fantastic and street vendors had fresh fruit, tacos and lots of variety in their dishes. It is definitely a country I will return to one day and I look forward to that day. I wish I could spend more time here but I had to get across the Darien Gap and was limited in my time in each country going forward. So onward I go!

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