Colombia by Motorbike

I have had the pleasure of visiting Colombia sometimes over the years from Cartagena and Cali to Bogota. Now I would explore it right through its spine. My first stop was KTM Cartagena to get my Motorbike fully serviced and also a new rear rim added, fix various little issues I was having with the bike. I would eventually spend a few weeks in Cartagena before moving south to Cali, Medellin and a few other cities. The country has always had a special place in my heart, and I have some friends there now. The riding was spectacular, and I was getting a sense of the scale of the Andes mountain ranges, with their massive heights and snaking roads, it was so far the best rising I had encountered. Also riding on roads that went through hundreds of villages along the way you truly got a sense of how pp[eople lived their daily lives.

Unfortunately for me, once I left Cartagena, I realized that the KTM dealership had made some mistakes with my bike, such as not putting the seal on my coolant tank and once I hit traffic my bike started overheating immediately. So I needed to attend to this once I got settled into Medellin.

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Ride Day 39: Medellin to Cali, Colombia

Ride Day 39: Medellin to Cali, Colombia by Motorbike

After 3 nights relaxing and sightseeing in Medellin, I was back on the road – destination Cali. On my way to Cali, I would pass over some spectacular mountains and down through valleys dotted with pretty villages. I was really getting a feel for the Andes and the gorgeous backdrop it provides for the ultimate mountain riding experience. I was now right in the thick of it and I was loving it.

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