After 3 nights relaxing and sightseeing in Medellin (see my previous post on my trip to Medellin), I was back on the road – destination Cali, Colombia. On my way to Cali, I would pass over some spectacular mountains and down through valleys dotted with pretty villages.

I was really getting a feel for the Andes and the gorgeous backdrop it provides for the ultimate mountain riding experience. I was now right in the thick of it and I was loving it.

The only downside was the street food along the way, a lot more fried foods, compared to the fresh delicious tacos scattered all along Central America’s villages.

Trucks were the only downside as there were just so many to pass along the way, they were all pretty cool though, trying to give me the room on inside our outside to overtake!

KTM Medellin fixed some issues for me from my previous service in Cartagena, including putting a seal on my coolant tank cap (which KTM Cartagena forgot to put back on). They did it for nothing and were sensational guys. If you get a chance drop by their gorgeous KTM Shop.

On the road to Cali, I would travel over 260 Miles (423 kilometers) and pass through towns such as Envigado, Caldas, La Pintada, El Rodeo, La Isla, Palestina, Pereira, Cartago, Tulua, Buga and onto my final destination in Cali, Colombia.

Once in greater Cali, I stayed at The Aqua Granada Hotel, a so-so hotel about 15 minutes walk to the main center and a short 5 minutes to a medium sized mall.

Cali, Colombia

Cali is a Colombian city in the Valle del Cauca department, southwest of Bogotá. It’s known for salsa dancing and there are many clubs in the suburb of Juanchito. In Cali’s oldest quarter, the neoclassical San Pedro Cathedral houses paintings of the Quito School. Nearby is the 18th- and 19th-century San Francisco Religious Complex. La Merced Chapel is where the first mass was held after Cali was founded in 1536.


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