La Serena, another port town on the West Coast of Chile was my next stop on my determined way to Santiago.

As I discussed in my previous post to Antofagasta, I was going to put in some big miles to get to Santiago as I would need to get my KTM Super Adventure serviced, new tires and also replace parts in my helmet, which was causing me issues.

After just one night in Antofagasta, I left before daybreak so I could get off a great start, on a journey which would cover over 550 miles (900 km)

Hand of the Desert – Mano del Desierto

The Hand of the Desert (Mano del Desierto) is about an hour outside of Antofagasta, along Ruta 5. It is not exactly in the greatest setting, but it is pretty cool. I would think about 15-30 minutes is all you need here. Probably best in the evening for photos with the sun coming up beh9nd you. I got there at first light, and it was pretty cool, but the sun was rising behind it, making it tougher to get a good shot!

To La Serena

I would travel via Panamericana Norte/Ruta 5 on my way to La Serena. Zig Zagging through seaside towns of Taltal, Cifuncho, Chañaral, Caldera, Vallenar, La Higuera and then finally onto La Serena.

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