Today I headed to Coyhaique, Chile after spending just one night in La Junta, again, today was a mix of off-road and paved road to get to Coyhaique.

The weather was not smiling on me today. But I cannot complain as I have had so many great days, just would have been nice to see more of the mountains on today’s journey.

I followed Ruta 7 down and around rivers and small lakes, through a few little villages such as Puyuhuapi, Villa Amengual, Villa Maniguales, Las Turbinas, Puerto Aysen and then onto Coyhaique.

The ride took me 6 hours and 174 miles (281 km), so it was a pretty easy ride day.

Coyhaique, Chile

Coyhaique, also spelled Coihaique in Patagonia, is the capital city of both the Coyhaique Province and the Aysén Region of Chile. Founded by settlers in 1929, it is a young city. Until the twentieth century, Chile showed little interest in exploiting the remote Aisén region. The Carretera Austral road opened in the 1980s. From Wikipedia

Nomades Hotel Boutique, Coyhaique

A Quaint Hotel, with very modern cool looking rooms and facilities. Great views from the tiny balconies and centrally located.

WiFi was just average for a high priced hotel, and the common areas are pretty cold.

The buffet breakfast, is not really a buffet, just pastries, coffee, cereal etc.

All in all a decent, if overpriced hotel. Would have got an extra star if they had a decent breakfast and better WiFi.

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