While staying in La Paz, I decided to make a few trips to different areas of southern Baja California Sur. One such trip was a morning ride and swim at Balandra Beach or Playa Balandra. I also wanted to check out the ferry situation which was nearby. The beach is located on the Eastern side of the peninsula but faces west, as the southern tip comes up, Playa Balandra is approximately a 40-minute drive from La Paz via México 11. It is a gorgeous beach and lagoon; there was only one small problem, small insects just basically swarmed me, it was incredible how many of these things were out there, and although I had insect repellant, they decided that they liked it and kept at me. It was painful taking photos with these little creatures everywhere.

The drive there was gorgeous, I hardly had anyone else on the road for most of the trip, and the beach was empty (except for the mini flies). There was a trailer there that I presume would open during the day for snacks and refreshments. Balandra beach is like a postcard from a travel magazine, gorgeous white sand, turquoise water. I also took my AirDog auto-follow drone out for a spin and got some nice footage arriving at the beach. The drone would prove to cause more trouble than it was worth in weight and luggage space as the trip went on, but it worked fine here.

I took my gear off and had a quick little swim, the water was amazing, although not very deep and I had read about an issue sting rays, but didn’t see any. I could see myself returning here and just relax for a day, maybe take a kayak ride or paddleboarding across the water and discover the various inlets and cliffs

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