So, finally, I am on my last day across America and heading to Long Beach, California. I crossed through the Mojave Desert and touched on Route 66 but mainly stayed around Route 40, which was a fantastic road.

Although the ride was only 320 miles, it was so nice to get into so many different climates and areas, deserts, mountains, windy roads, just fantastic and a nice little reward for myself after many long days on straight highways.

Long Beach, California was a great destination and one where I would spend the better part of a week getting everything ready for my trip to Baja, California, Mexico. I had always wanted to visit this part of California and Long Beach, California was always my goal.

This riding day all up took around 9 hours, so it was quite a long day, and the temperature changes as the elevation and different areas was quite nice, with mainly temperate climates.

The trip took me from Bullhead City, Arizona, Laughlin, Needles, Lavic, Newberry Springs, Mojave National Preserve, Barstow, Rodman Mountains Wilderness Area, Bell Mountain, Victorville, Cajon Junction, Azusa, Los Angeles, Lakewood and onto my final destination in Long Beach, California

Today’s ride was 320 miles (515 kilometers) but still took me around 9 hours.

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