After a few days in Puerto Montt, it was time to head to Hornopiren and get ready for Patagonia. Although today’s ride was only 160 miles (259 km), most of it was done off-road and the scenery made for a slow day. I was just too busy looking at the gorgeous views and stopping for photos.

I will be staying at Hostería del Río a few minutes outside of Hornopiren in a place on the Rio Negro.

I left at daybreak and again decided to take some advice and go a long way around first on Ruta 225 and the V69 (Route here) and boy, was it worth it! Such an amazing trip, along the rivers and bays with a magnificent backdrop of mountains and volcanoes.

The first part of the ride took me back up to Puerto Montt and then across through Ensenada where I would turn off onto V69 and head through little towns such as Ralun, Cochamó, Puelo, Llahuepe, Contao and then into my final destination in Hornopiren.

Ferry Tickets

I purchased the tickets to both ferries previously in Purto Montt See Location Map) for my bike and myself as there are no roads to get you into the Carrera Austral Ruta 7.

You enter the building and directly on the left is the office. They speak very basic English, but all you need to do is tell them me and moto and show them the map, the date you want to travel and it will be easy. Make sure you have a couple of days spare as it is sometimes booked out.

Hornopiren, Chile

Hualaihué is a Chilean commune located in Palena Province, Los Lagos Region. The communal capital is the town of Hornopiren.This little town is a stopping point for the ferry service which takes you onto the Carrera Austral Ruta 7 in Patagonia. There are a few restaurants and services like banks and internet cafes, but not much else.

Hostería del Río, Rio Negro, Chile

I stayed only one night here at Hostería del Río, the building is pretty worn down, but the host is lovely and very accommodating. Breakfast was delicious.

WiFi is very basic, and rooms are comfortable but show their age. Would be an amazing place with some renovations.

As it was only one night, it was perfectly fine, and you get what you pay for. It is very cheap and comfortable enough.

Again, the reason for the good review is the hosts were fantastic and very friendly.

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