After one night only in Guadalajara, I set my day to ride the 340 miles (547 Kilometres) to Mexico City on Ruta 60 for most of the way. This journey included a lot of toll roads and on my way from the Pacific on the West Coast of Mexico to the Gulf of Mexico on the east coast.

Again I had the great pleasure of meeting some interesting people including a few Mexicans riding around their country on adventure bikes. The people I have met throughout Mexico have been fantastic and always willing to help with directions, and nice adventure roads and these guys were no exceptions.

And the food, seriously, I was never a big fan of tacos until I got into Mexico. The locals just know how to make amazing street food, cheap, filling and delicious!

I will be sad to leave Mexico, as it has just so much to offer the adventure rider and there are just too many places to visit. It seemed every single town had a unique vibe and some of the bui8kldings, especially the old churches just reminded me so much of some of the old western movies I had watched as a kid. Gosh I love Mexico

Mexico City is huge; you just cannot appreciate the scale of the place unless you drive into it. From the It is also one of the highest elevation capitals in the world at 3,930 m (12,890 ft). I visited the slums during the day and also was in the city during the Day of the Dead Festival with colorful street art seemingly for miles.

I spent a day riding the city going from the slums to the gorgeous tree-lined streets of the inner city suburbs.

I also took the time to get my bike serviced there and the guys at KTM Mexico City were fantastic and looked after my bike and all its gear wonderfully. They have a modern showroom and workshop, really impressive!

Mexico City has something for everyone. Yes, the traffic is a nightmare at times and can be confusing as Google Maps isn’t perfect there (some one-way streets not noticed), but it was good enough to get me out and about and back home safely.

Today’s journey took me from Guadalajara through Tonalá, La Barca, Churintzio, Panindícuaro, Huaniqueo de Morales, Arúmbaro, Valle de Juárez, Maravatío de Ocampo, Estación Tultenango, Atlacomulco, Ixtlahuaca de Rayón, Huixquilucan de Degollado and onto my final destination for a few days to Mexico City, Mexico

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