Finally onto Ruta 40 and Gobernador Gregores, Argentina! I will miss Chile immensely, the country provided me with some amazing highlights so far on this trip, including my rides to Chile Chico and Hornopiren.

I got up before sunrise and packed my tent, loaded my bike, and I was on my way just as the sun rose and I was on my way to Gobernador Gregores, Argentina

The border crossing was only a few miles away, so I was hoping there would be no lines and I could get on my way into Argentina without any fuss.

The closest town to the border on the Chile side is Chile Chico and on the Argentinian side is Los Antiguos.

Although the trip total was 260 miles (428 kilometers), it is mostly paved. I took Ruta 40, and the whole trip took me just under 6 hours.

I purchased online a Tourism Card (USD $100) for Argentina from here. I got mine for 90 Days. You MUST do this before you enter or travel to Argentina. It is not available at point of entry for Argentina.

Gobernador Gregores, Argentina

Gobernador Gregores is a town in Santa Cruz Province, Argentina, formerly known as Cañadón León. Ramón Outerello, one of the leaders of the massive strike known as Patagonia Rebelde was executed there by a firing squad of the Argentine Army in November 1921.

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