Time to go home to Miami Beach. After nearly six months of traveling across and down and around the Americas, it was time to head home to Miami Beach, Florida on my KTM 1290 Super Adventure.

The journey would be in two parts. My bike would travel first via Cargo, which I detailed the process with Dakar Motos from Buenos Aires in my previous post.

I would then travel on my lonesome to Miami Beach by Aerolineas Argentina. The flight is a pain, but not so much if you are tired and you just need to sleep.

I was now looking forward to getting home and seeing my friends and loved ones.

It was almost surreal finishing this trip. You are happy you have finished it, but you really wish you could just keep going. However, all good things must come to an end.

The Process is fairly straightforward to pick up your bike (if it is registered in the USA). I first had to go to a place near the airport to finish paperwork for importation into the USA.

There was no one working reception, so I had to wait about 20 minutes. Once I was finally served, it took around 5 minutes to get all paperwork in order.

Then I had to go to Tri-Star Airport Handling Services Company to pick up my7 Motorbike.

Here I had to pay $60 USD cash (or Credit Card) to get my motorbike. I waited around 15 minutes for them to process all papers, then was directed into loading bay area to wait for my bike.

The bike came as it left, loaded on a crate and was in perfect condition. Getting it all setup again took around one hour. Best to bring any tools you would need for this. The process included:

  • Unwrapping Bike
  • Remove Straps
  • Connecting Battery
  • Putting back Side Mirrors
  • Putting back Windshield

Then I was good to go. I had not been in Miami for quite some time, but I knew I hated riding the i95, so it added around 30 minutes to the trip back.

And then I was home. The end!

Miami Beach, FL

Miami Beach is a south Florida island city, connected by bridges to mainland Miami. Wide beaches stretch from North Shore Open Space Park, past palm-lined Lummus Park to South Pointe Park.

The southern end, South Beach, is known for its international cachet with models and celebrities, and its early-20th-century architecture in the Art Deco Historic District with pastel-colored buildings, especially on Ocean Drive. From Wikipedia

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