My trip to Osorno, Chile from the capital Santiago felt like the most boring and arduous ride of my trip so far. It seemed everyone was going on holiday and the traffic was built up everywhere, with accidents stupid drivers rushing to get to their destinations.

I ended up camping about 5 miles outside of Osorno, Chile, setting up my tent in the dark along the Rio Rahue and really not knowing at all where I was.

Coupled with the fact that my camera screwed up again and I was only able to retrieve a handful of photos, it was not my favorite days riding.

Probably a good thing though, as the video was just littered with profanities.

The first part of the trip was all about getting to Osorno, I had booked a hotel, but they canceled my booking about 30 minutes outside of town. So camping it was.

Anyway, it was dry and sunny, so I decided to go for a spot of camping. There was pretty much nothing memorable out of this trip. My focus was getting to Puerto Montt anyway, the first stepping stone into Patagonia.

I went through towns such as Rancagua, San Fernando, Curico, Talca, Chillán, Los Ángeles, Temuco and La Unión. It took me all up about 13 hours round trip and 590 miles (950km)

Osorno, Chile

Osorno is a city in south-central Chile, on the Rahue River. The 18th-century Reina Luisa Fort stands beside the river. The Museo Histórico Municipal has exhibits on the Mapuche culture and the 19th-century German settlers who built nearby mansions. Close by are the Centro de Artesanía Local’s craft stalls and the neo-Gothic San Mateo Cathedral. East of Osorno are the forests and volcanoes of Puyehue National Park. From Wikipedia

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