Vilcabamba, Ecuador to Jaén, Peru

Ride Day 46: Vilcabamba, Ecuador to Jaén, Peru by Motorbike

After spending the New Years in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, I readied myself with the border crossing at La Balza on my way to Jaén, Peru. The trip would take me more than 10 hours and 200 miles (313 kilometers) across mostly on off-road dirt tracks through the Andes mountain ranges. A friend of mine, Chris, had taken this journey less than a week earlier.

Quito Ecuador to Cuenca Ecuador

Ride Day 44: Quito, Ecuador to Cuenca, Ecuador by Motorbike

After spending 4 nights in Quito Ecuador, I needed to get back on the road and the 290+ miles (487 kilometres) to Cuenca, Ecuador. The ride would take me deep into the Andes Ranges and would take over 8 hours. It was so great to get on the road again and driving high up mountains and then deep into the valleys through some spectacular villages on my way to Cuenca was a treat I had been missing for a while.

Quito, Ecuador to The Quilotoa Loop

Ride Day 42: Quito, Ecuador to The Quilotoa Loop by Motorbike

After only 2 rain-soaked nights in Cali, my next destination would be Pasto, Colombia. Again I had an amazing riding day with lots of switchbacks (hairpin turns) and elevated riding. I also met a great guy from Cali, Luis who was traveling around Colombia on his moto. We chatted for about 20 minutes before a bridge. He is a bit of a base guitar rock guru in Colombia.

Pasto, Colombia to Quito, Ecuador

Ride Day 41: Pasto, Colombia to Quito, Ecuador by Motorbike

One night in Pasto got me ready for my border crossing heading to Quito, Ecuador. I left for Quito before first light, and I would reach the border crossing by around 8 am, for hopefully a fast border crossing. I only had 216 miles(348 kilometres) to travel, as I always do shorter trips for border crossing days, so I thought I would arrive in Quito by just after midday.