Hello, my name is Peter J Ricci an Australian citizen, Solo World Traveler, and living and breathing in Miami Beach, USA. Over the years I have traveled to over 100 countries, mostly as a solo world traveler. I have trekked across most of Asia, Oceania, Europe and North America by foot, bicycle, motorbike, bus, car, train, in fact, I have tried almost anyway I could – to get to that new destination.

The experience I have gathered or more accurately, stumbled upon is that there is a truth about each country, not found in any major city, but in the villages that dot the countryside of every territory and no matter what the political or ideological stance at the top of that country’s hierarchy, the people of that country are the nearly always same, life is centered around their family, friends, and community and they are happy, friendly and always willing to help out a Solo World Traveler.

Come with me as I discover North, Central, and South America in 2016 on a new adventure as a rookie on my faithful steed “Tarni” (Aboriginal meaning saltwater, surf, wave, breaker) a modified KTM 1290 Super Adventure.

Solo World Traveler

Being a Solo World Traveler means being patient and prepared for almost any situation. No solo traveler can do it alone, you need help from friends, family and most importantly the people you meet along the way to make everything possible for you to travel alone across this amazing planet. Each article I try to inform you about my travels, how I planned, my destinations, what to eat and how to find accommodations.

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