Finally, on my way to Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (The Famous Salt Flats) with Chris was always going to fun. Chris was riding his KLR  – one which would increasingly cause him issues further down the road to Patagonia.

We were due to set off from La Paz at first light, but the hotel wouldn’t open the gates to let us out until we had paid. Despite my protestations that they already had my card and I had paid for the room, so another 30 minutes later, the manager arrived and I signed their crappy document Chris, and I was on our way.

The night before we met a young adventurer named Dominika Gawliczková who was a writer and on quite the adventure! She had a little Moped Skoda and was traveling south to Patagonia on this tiny little thing, amazing!

Chris Moody and I had met on the Stahlratte and again in La Paz to do the North Yungus Road (Death Road) together, and we would hang for a few days in Uyuni.

After we had got out of La Paz, it was pretty hot and looking for something nice and cold to drink on the side of the road was difficult as it was so sparse.

We stopped in Aroma, Cercado, Oruro, Challapata, Santiago de Huari, Coroma, Chita, and Colchani before arriving in Uyuni after riding for 9 hours and 362 miles (583 kilometers)

Uyuni is a pretty decent tourist type town, but only interesting in the city center. The rest is a dustbowl. There is decent food available, and the local beer is nice.

There are also plenty of tours onto the salt flats!

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