After spending a few nights near Ensenada, Mexico, I decided to head to Baja California to San Felipe. Much of the trip was pretty nicely paved, and it was a pretty relaxing day of riding. Unfortunately, the Rever App crashed, and it actually took around 9 hours.

I left early in the morning again and headed to La Bufadora for breakfast. After a quick break, I had a look around town and the famous blowhole. I also took stops in San Salvador and Lazaro Cardenas and then had an extended stop outside of Playa Hawaii

La Bufadora has what they call a marine geyser, which spouts air and water out of a sea cave. Pretty cool! They were also setting up early in the morning for the markets which is pretty much what the actual town has to offer. Great scenery in and around the small town, though.

After this, I had to work my way back up to Ensenada and then across Baja California to the Atlantic ocean side and the city of San Felipe.

Baja California is a pretty desolate state of Mexico with not many towns, but nonetheless, I enjoy the scenery. I also enjoyed getting onto some serious twisties as well, even though that 100 or so miles took longer than expected and were pretty tough on concentration.

I got into Playa Hawaii late and took some time there and before I entered San Felipe late in the afternoon, took some time for dinner before nestling into my apartment for the night.

The trip took me from El Bajio, Baja California, San Salvador, Lazaro Cardenas, Playa Hawaii onto my final destination in San Felipe, Baja California

Today’s ride was only 205 miles (331 kilometers) but still took me around 7 hours.

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