So here I was, all ready by morning to reach a new town, all packed up and ready to go. And someone had blocked my bike from getting out. I needed to get to Bahía de los Ángeles by nightfall and this was not helping! I had parked up a short lane, and someone with a pickup parked right behind me, on the footpath. So I had to wake up the owner of the property and then try to work out who parked there and wake them.

After we found the guy, he was not pleased about having to get up, and seemed to think it was everyone else fault but his. Even though there were about 5 other places he could have parked.

Anyway, after about one hour I finally got going. Little did I know I would have more issues, more so about my own confidence doing 100+ miles on dirt, but also wondering whether I had taken a wrong turn somewhere.

After the first few hours of gorgeous scenery, there I was hitting this dirt road. Most of it was really good hard packed dirt, but there were some sand and very thick loose rock.

Then for a time, I was worried about reaching my destination on time and because I had not seen a truck or car for over an hour, I wondered if I had made a wrong turn.

Eventually, I got back on the main road, but stopping every 45 minutes did cost me some time and my first real lesson on ing dirt roads was to be patient. 100 miles in nearly 4 hours (I stopped for about one and a half hours for rest) was not exactly moving!

Baja California is a pretty desolate state of Mexico with very few towns on this trip, but nonetheless, I enjoy the scenery. I got into Bahia de Los Angeles at dusk and took some time to find a motel for a much-needed rest. Bahia de Los Angeles has a pretty waterfront with fishing seeming to be the main driver of the town.

The trip took me from San Felipe, Baja California to Playa Curvina, Playa La Costilla, Calamajue, Chapala, Laguna Chapala onto my final destination in Bahía de los Ángeles, Baja California

Today’s ride was only 278 miles (448 kilometers) and took me around 10 hours.

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