The road to Mulegé was one of the more sensational rides of my journey. The first hour or so out of Bahía de Los Ángeles was simply stunning, and it would be just a taste of things to come jumping from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and back to the Atlantic Ocean again, incredible!

The day’s ride was pretty good; I stopped off a few times during the day at some of the towns along the way. Guerrero Negro was one of the more interesting places, basically a medium sized town surrounded by sand. Punta Prieta was a lovely little villa with some great food. Also, a nice surprise was the little Oasis town of San Ignacio, which is a palm oasis town about an hour from Mulegé of northern Baja California Sur state in Mexico. I stopped off here at a great place called Rice and Beans, which has a colorful bar and delicious food!

From there I headed to the Atlantic side of Baja California and enjoyed a lovely ride into town. It took me a while to find a hotel. After about an hour at a bar and a few ‘frothies,’ I ended up at a little seaside hotel called Hotel Serenidad; I was also able to park my motorcycle right in front of my room, which made unpacking a breeze. Hotel Serenidad was at a great location, just by the inlet and right next to what only can be described as a pretty dicey airport.

The Hotel had a pool bar in the pool and some decent food. I met a lovely couple on a trip there. The whole evening was only dampened by some Yank complaining about a $20 bill (he had a full meal and some beer). He also thought he would get a sympathetic ear from me, but I was having none of it. I told him it could spoil his stay if he wishes, but not to bring me into it.

The trip took me from Baja de Los Angeles to Punta Prieta, Rosarito, Guerrero Negro, El Marasal, El Azufre, San Ignacio and finally into my day’s last destination in Mulege, Baja California. Today’s ride was just over 300 miles (482.90 kilometers) and took me around 9 hours with plenty of stops along the way.

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