My second day of riding took me from Tarpon Springs Florida to Laguna Beach, Florida and over 346 miles (557 kilometers) and a long 9 hour riding day.

Still, the camera was not fixed (I hadn’t had a chance to see footage yet) and still I had a huge load on my bike.

The first part of the journey was relatively boring and the heat was taking its toll. However, once I got to the Apalachicola National Forest I was starting to enjoy some prettier scenery and then once I hit the coast at Port St Joe a nice sea breeze was hitting me from the side.

The trip took me from Tarpon Springs through Crystal River, Chiefland, Fanning Springs, Perry, Hampton Springs, Aucilla Wildlife Management Area, Flint Rock Wildlife Management Area, Medart, SopChoppy, Apalachicola National Forest, Carrabelle, Crooked River Lighthouse, Apalachicola, Port St Joe, Mexico Beach, Parker, Panama City and to my destination in Laguna Beach.

I actually had to find a hotel as night was falling and got a nice one with a balcony sea view, so I was able to enjoy a beer and cigar whilst I put my weary feet up after two long days.

I was looking forward getting to New Orleans from Laguna Beach where I could spend a few nights and send a few boxes back home – as I was getting a little tired of all the weight and luggage I was carrying.

I also took the opportunity to get my Samsung Gear 360 out for a couple of shots to give it a try!

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