Just the two nights in Jaco, Costa Rica, saw me swiftly on my way to David, Panama to get to Panama City on the 18th. A riding day that started out just fine, that is, until I reached the Panama border and consistent torrential rain.

Traveling just under 200 miles (316 kilometers) a trip which took me all up – over eight hours. Ouch!

Even though I was early approaching the border at Paso Canoas, which is an international city shared between Puntarenas Province in Costa Rica and Chiriquí Province in the west of Panama.

I encountered only a bit of traffic, but there were many people at the border, due to many refugees from poor old Haiti at the border.

No helpers this time around, but painful waiting periods. However, I was getting a lot more comfortable now, and it was the first time I met a bug named Eric Bernath – an American Adventure Rider who takes amazing photography and is traveling the world (now in Africa), pretty inspiring!

The rain started as I approached and would not stop until midday the following day. Luckily it was warm, but my first real soaking and a welcome to Panama!

Getting to David, Panama was going to be a struggle in this weather, but the ride must go on!

The border crossing occurred in mid-November 2016 on a KTM 1290 Super Adventure Motorbike. I headed for the Peñas Blancas crossing and got there around 10 am.

David, Panama

San José de David, or David, is the capital of Chiriquí Province, in western Panama. In leafy Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra Park, vendors sell ice cream and crafts. Barrio Bolívar is dotted with colonial buildings. The José de Obaldía Museum of History and Culture displays archaeological artifacts. In the southwest is the mangrove-rich Playa Barqueta Wildlife Refuge, where beaches are nesting grounds for sea turtles. From Wikipedia

Bambu Hostel, David, Panama

Basic, but cutesy Hostel, with great budget restaurant across the street. The Bambu Hostel in David, Panama has a swimming pool is small, and it has a cool bar out back, and a fun dining area! Basic drinks available, beer, cola etc.

Private rooms are very basic and are dated, showers very average (and crazy wires on shower head) and Wi-Fi below average!

The beds were just ok. Was able to park my moto inside!

The manager was a pretty cool dude and everyone was nice! Hard to really judge as it poured with rain all night. But a decent hostel nonetheless, just need better WiFI!

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