After spending the New Years in Vilcabamba, Ecuador, I readied myself with the border crossing at La Balza on my way to Jaén, Peru.

The trip would take me more than 10 hours and 200 miles (313 kilometers) across mostly on off-road dirt tracks through the Andes mountain ranges. A friend of mine, Chris, had taken this journey less than a week earlier. However, I was greeted with an overcast and drizzly day, not something I was happy about at all.

The trip started beautifully, minimal traffic, beautiful mountains, and valleys and for the first 30 miles on paved roads.  Then the weather moved in as I climbed higher and higher.

After around 30 miles, suddenly the road turned to dirt, rock, and with the weather, very slippery mud.

Thankfully there was little to no traffic on this road as it is the northernmost border town from Ecuador to Peru.

There were also only a smattering of towns along the way, Yangana, Palanda, Nambale, La Balza (border town), San Ignacio, Huarango, Las Pirias and onto my final destination in Jaén, Peru

I enjoyed my time immensely in Ecuador, the people, food, the culture was fantastic and the riding, spectacular. Sad to leave, but happy to go onward to another country. Peru!

After around 7 hours of very challenging offroading and one-off (yes I had a slip slide crash) I finally made it to the border. It was exhausting, and I was looking forward to some paved roads.

Jaén, Peru

Jaén is a city in the Cajamarca region of northwestern Peru. In the center, the leafy Plaza de Armas features the modern Jaén Cathedral, with its tall, colorful stained-glass windows. The Hermógenes Mejía Solf Museum exhibits ceramic relics from Amazonian cultures, plus handicrafts and fossils. Southwest of the city, the triple-tiered Chorro Blanco waterfall is surrounded by forests with orchids and bromeliads. From Wikipedia

Hotel Suite Luna del Valle, Jaén, Peru

Having taken so long to Jaén, Peru, I now had to find a hotel and I came across the Hotel Suite Luna del Valle, Jaén, Peru

I roamed around for about half an hour until I found something. I got rack rates (not too good) and a decent room.

The manager was nice and continually tried to help my stay better. There were some other people there. One of which said he would take me on a tour of the city and some nice local food. He was nice, so I took him up on offer.

Facilities were ok, nice pool, the room was ok. I spent most of the night by the pool after the tour and got some street food across the road.

Rooms are good and quite spacious. With Air-conditioning.  Wi-Fi was poor with 1.8 Mbps download and 1.8 Mbps upload. Shop across the street with basic groceries and staff very nice.

Wi-Fi was poor, with only reception up near the pool.

I was able to park my bike securely. I was tired and so did all of my chores and fell asleep around 11 pm.

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