After spending only two nights in Jaén, Peru I had a long day riding to Trujillo, Peru which is where I would spend only one night.

It would take me a massive 13 hours to get to Trujillo, Peru taking in around 400 miles (625 kilometers) mostly on the paved roads.

The biggest feature of this ride was going from the dense, lush rainforests into the barren mountains and windswept deserts of Peru. The change was quite dramatic, and for the first time I witnessed and felt the full force of the desert winds.

Trying to keep a big bike upright was quite a challenge. The ride took me from Jaén, Peru through Chiple, Cutervo, Chota on the infamous 3N Route then back towards Trujillo through Catache, Pacanguilla, Pacasmayo District, Paiján, La Esperanza and through to my final destination in Trujillo.

Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo is a city in northwestern Peru. It’s known for the nation’s traditional dance, marinera. The colonial center is home to the grand Trujillo Cathedral, with its bright yellow facade, and the blue Casa Urquiaga. Nearby, the neoclassical Iturregui Palace has Italian marble statues and a courtyard. West of the city, the huge adobe complex of Chan Chan is an abandoned city once home to the ancient Chimu kingdom. From Wikipedia

Monster Car Wash, Trujillo

So I went looking for someone to wash my KTM Super Adventure and found this place by chance. The manager watched over every detail of the work, and the kids did an amazing job (make sure you tip the cleaner). It took around 45 minutes and cost about 15 USD. Well worth it!

Wyndham Costa del Sol Trujillo, Peru

I spent only two nights here in Trujillo. The rooms were nice and spacious with a balcony. The Hotel has a large pool with lots of sunbathing and relaxing areas. The grounds are nice and well maintained. There is secure parking for your car or motorbike and security is on premises 24/7 The Buffet Breakfast is also quite good. The only downsides are the WiFi which is spotty and poor with only 1.4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. Good enough for only basic use.

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