El Paso, Texas. After spending the morning taking snaps as the sun rose at The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas, I decided the long ride of over 900 kilometers was to get to El Paso, Texas

The reason being I was told by some locals that it was a pretty boring trip with not many old road options. So, I got my map put and tried a few detours, one of which was along the border, which at first felt exciting. However, although the road was beautiful, it was just mile after mile of wasteland with nothing in between, no towns, no nice stops.

This was my longest riding day to date regarding miles traveled, and the weather was dancing between ok and cold and rain.

The trip took me from San Antonio, Sonora, Sheffield, Fort Stockton, Van Horn, Allamore, Sierra Blanca Alamo Alto, Fort Hancock, Clint and onto my destination in El Paso, Texas.

My KTM 1290 Super Adventure was trekking well, and I was getting around 480 kilometers (300 miles) per tank, but I would need a refill to get to El Paso, Texas

Today’s ride was a big 553 miles (890 kilometers) but still took me around 10 hours as I went along the border to see what it was like (it was just nice long straight roads with Border Patrol, the only people you see. Yes, a long ass day in the saddle, warm valleys, freezing climbs and sweeping rain. One ride that I am happy to have behind me. Last 200 miles would have been great in nice weather conditions

I spoke with a group of them as they stopped me and were interested in what I was doing. They didn’t seem too excited about their jobs, but just from chatting to them they were excited about getting a truckload of more money for gear if Trump (their preference) was elected! Nice guys, didn’t want to argue about their political ideology, but always interested to know how they get to their beliefs, which is nearly always the culture you grow up in and family influences!

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