After spending just one night ‘relaxing’ in Galveston in a motel that one can only describe as ‘seedy’ I decided to head to San Antonio, Texas where I would spend only one night and taking in a few sights, looking back I should have spent a couple of nights here, it was quite a pretty place.

The ride was a little more boring than expected, but I did get off the main highway a few times and went through a few country towns where I had some lunch.

Today was not a long ride so I took my time and arrived relatively early in San Antonio so I could see a few of the sights. Such as the San Antonio, Texas River Walk, which had that mix of being cool but eerily felt a little fake.

I also went to the Alamo Mission which was cool and decided I would try and get some photos the following morning at sunrise before my long days ride to El Paso, Texas.

The trip took me from Galveston, Galveston Island, Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge, Freeport, Cedar Lane, Caney, Bay City, Markham, Midfield, Ganado, Victoria, Thomastown, Cuero, Westhoff, Sutherland Springs and onto my destination in San Antonio, Texas.

My KTM 1290 Super Adventure was trekking well, and I was getting around 480 kilometers (300 miles) per tank.

Today’s ride was only 275 miles (443 kilometers) but still took me around 7 hours as I screwed around at the Alamo and had a few extra long stops.

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