Bahia Blanca, Argentina was over 700 miles away, so I had to leave Comodoro Rivadavia at first light and have a solid day of riding.

The highways were mostly pretty good. I took Ruta 3, then Ruta 251 and finished on Ruta 22.

Again fuel would be an issue, but not only getting gas, but also the quality. I always get premium gas where I can, it is more expensive, but for modern bikes, you nearly always need hi-octane fuel.

After getting a full tank at Río Negro, Argentina, my bike almost immediately started sputtering, after about 10 miles it would hardly go above 25 miles an hour and could not accelerate. I was also getting fuel pump warnings.

I called my mechanic back in Miami and went through ball possibilities; we were 90% sure it was fuel related. My choices were simple. Either get some small hi-octane fillers and hope that works or completely bleed the tank and refill.

There was no first option available, so I headed back to Río Negro and found another gas station and parked my bike out the back and began dismantling my bike and bleeding the tank.

After about an hour I was ready to fill it again. This set me back big time. But I had no other options.

After refilling tank two times the bike was performing nearly at 100%. However, I was still having issues from time to time with the fuel pump. I ended up arriving at Bahia Blanca after dark.

Bahia Blanca

Bahia Blanca is a port city in the southwest of Argentina’s Buenos Aires province. Grand 19th- and early-20th-century buildings like the Palacio Municipal line its central square, Plaza Rivadavia. Museum highlights include the Museo y Archivo Histórico and the Museo del Puerto de Ingeniero White, both documenting the lives of immigrants. The city is known as a gateway to Patagonia, farther south. From Wikipedia

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