Full Post: http://bit.ly/2uMOa2Y Although Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina was nearly a 500-mile journey, I was hoping to accomplish this in under 10 hours. Again I packed my gear the night before and headed out of Rio Gallegos at sunrise.

It was still bitterly cold, but I knew the more miles north I headed, the warmer it would become.

I had also heard that there were some oil strikes on and getting gas was going to be an issue, so I pinpointed some towns to fill my bike and got trekking.

I would travel along Ruta 3 the whole way passing through Le Marchand, Comandante Luis Piedrabuena, Río Chico, Puerto San Julián, Fitz Roy, Cañadón Seco, Caleta Olivia and then finally into Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina.

The first gas station was empty and was not expecting to refuel until the following day, so I tried to reach Comandante Luis Piedrabuena. I stopped about 90 miles short as I was nearly out of gas and used my spare one-gallon tank.

Unfortunately, that one extra gallon only got me within 2 miles of Comandante Luis Piedrabuena.

Luckily highway patrol stopped by after only a few minutes of running out of gas, helped me hide the bike down the embankment and drove me the 2 miles to the gas station. I fill my spare one-gallon tank and returned to my bike and then returned again to the gas station.

All up it only took me about 45 minutes longer than expected, so I was lucky! Gas would be a thorn in my side from now until Buenos Aires.

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