So finally I head back the 2000 miles back to Buenos Aires, but first through Rio Gallegos, Argentina for the night. I had a fantastic time in Ushuaia and spent a few days exploring the Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego.

The border crossing was only a hundred miles away, so I was hoping there would be no fuss and I could get on my way into Chile without too much trouble.

I would then need to take a ferry and then cross another border back into Argentina for the last time.

Although the trip total was 370 miles (595 kilometers), it is partly paved with the majority of off-roading near the borders. I started Ruta 3, then onto Ruta 257 and then back onto Ruta 3, and the whole trip took me just over 9 hours, which is pretty good considering I crossed two borders.

The Ferry – Cruce Punta Delgada

Cruce Punta Delgada Simple crossing by Ferry. I had to wait around 30 minutes before the ferry was loading, the trip takes about another 20–30 minutes depending on the weather and traffic.

Was a nice trip. I stopped at a nice little cafe beforehand and had some lunch. Pricing varies depending on the mode of transport.

The cost was only around $6 USD. Information here.

Rio Gallegos, Argentina

Río Gallegos is an Argentinean city on the Gallegos River in southern Patagonia. By the central San Martín Square is the small Cathedral of Our Lady of Luján, built from wood and with a pink facade. The Eduardo Minnicelli Art Museum shows the work of local and regional artists. Nearby, Father Jesús Molina Regional Museum exhibits fossils, dinosaur replicas, and items relating to the indigenous Tehuelche people.

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