El Tanque Rojo, Nicaragua to Jaco, Costa Rica

Ride Day 33: El Tanque Rojo, Nicaragua to Jaco, Costa Rica by Motorbike

After only one night in El Tanque Rojo, Nicaragua it was time to go to Jaco, Costa Rica on a riding day of only 230+ miles (377 kilometers) a trip which took me all up around eight hours. Even though I was early approaching the border at Peñas Blancas I encountered quite a lot of traffic and the usual hordes of “helpers”.

La Libertad San Salvador to El Cuco El Salvador

Ride Day 30: La Libertad, San Salvador to El Cuco, El Salvador by Motorbike

After the drama of the day and night before it was time to head to El Cuco, El Salvador, which is a small beachside community in El Salvador and ended up being one of my favorite places, great hotel (below) and great seafood. I stayed in the off-season so it wasn’t so busy, but local fishing boats, smiling kids, made it a great stay.

Tikal Ancient City, Guatemala

Ride Day 26: Flores to Tikal Ancient City, Guatemala by Motorbike

As I left for Chetumal from Ciudad del Carmen it was with some sadness, knowing that this would be my last long riding day in Mexico. I had fallen in love with just about everything related to this country, the people, communities, food and spirit of Mexico. Yes, I had seen all the news articles, been mocked by friends saying that my head would be separated from my body and all that stuff.