Ciudad del Carmen to Chetumal

Ride Day 23: Ciudad del Carmen to Chetumal, Mexico by Motorbike

As I left for Chetumal from Ciudad del Carmen it was with some sadness, knowing that this would be my last long riding day in Mexico. I had fallen in love with just about everything related to this country, the people, communities, food and spirit of Mexico. Yes, I had seen all the news articles, been mocked by friends saying that my head would be separated from my body and all that stuff.

La Paz to Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta

Ride Day 17: La Paz to Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta by Motorbike

I have included my trip across the Gulf of California from La Paz to Mazatlan onboard the Baja Ferry Service to Puerto Vallarta. As this is kind of like a border crossing, I will give as much information as I can. If you have no done some research, there are quite a few horror stories relating to the Baja Ferries service. I, however, had a pretty fantastic experience.