Peru is a country in South America that’s home to a section of Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains. The region around Machu Picchu, including the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and colonial city of Cusco, is rich in archaeological sites. On Peru’s arid Pacific coast is Lima, the capital, with a preserved colonial center and important collections of pre-Columbian art.

La Paz, Bolivia
Border Bridge to BoliviaLa Paz, BoliviaLa Paz, Bolivia

Ride Day 55: Puno, Peru to La Paz, Bolivia by Motorbike

After nearly 3 weeks in Peru, it was time to go from my last stop in Puno and across the border by motorbike into La Paz, Bolivia. The trip would take me following across mostly on paved roads and swept along high altitude valleys for most of the way through a variety of weather conditions. Thankfully there was little to no traffic on this road as it is the northernmost border town from Peru to Bolivia.

Puno Peru by Motorbike
Cusco Peru to Puno Peru by MotorbikeCusco Peru to Puno Peru by MotorbikePuno Peru by Motorbike

Ride Day 54: Cusco to Puno, Peru by Motorbike

After spending five nights touring Machu Picchu and The Sacred Valley, I was off again on the road to Puno, Peru, on Lake Titicaca. I started off at before 6 am and would ride into the evening traveling over 550 miles (910 kilometers). I would sweep through cities and villages such as Andahuaylillas, San Pedro, San Pablo, Arequipa, Moquegua, Cutimbo on my way to my final destination on Puno, Peru

Belmond Hiram Bingham to Machu Picchu
Machu PicchuBelmond Hiram BinghamBelmond Hiram Bingham to Machu Picchu

Ride Day 52: Cusco, Peru to Machu Picchu with Belmond Hiram Bingham

After spending a day touring Cusco, Peru and organizing my trip to Machu Pichu (which took some time), it was Machu Picchu Day! I left my home at 7 am and rode to Poroy Station where I would embark on my journey to Machu Picchu with Belmond Hiram Bingham train and tour. The ride was mostly through small towns and was a lot of fun, even though I had some weather on the journey.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador to Jaén, Peru
Jaen to Trujillo, PeruJaen to Trujillo, PeruVilcabamba, Ecuador to Jaén, Peru

Ride Day 47: Jaen, Peru to Trujillo, Peru

After spending only two nights in Jaén, Peru I had a long day riding to Trujillo, Peru which is where I would spend only one night. It would take me a massive 13 hours to get to Trujillo, Peru taking in around 400 miles (625 kilometers) mostly on the paved roads. The biggest feature of this ride was going from the dense, lush rainforests into the barren mountains and windswept deserts of Peru.