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Jaco, Costa Rica to David, Panama

Ride Day 34: Jaco, Costa Rica to David, Panama by Motorbike

Just the two nights in Jaco, Costa Rica, saw me swiftly on my way to David, Panama to get to Panama City on the 18th. A riding day that started out just fine, that is, until I reached the Panama border and consistent torrential rain. Traveling just under 200 miles (316 kilometers) a trip which took me all up – over eight hours. Ouch!

El Tanque Rojo, Nicaragua to Jaco, Costa Rica

Ride Day 33: El Tanque Rojo, Nicaragua to Jaco, Costa Rica by Motorbike

After only one night in El Tanque Rojo, Nicaragua it was time to go to Jaco, Costa Rica on a riding day of only 230+ miles (377 kilometers) a trip which took me all up around eight hours. Even though I was early approaching the border at Peñas Blancas I encountered quite a lot of traffic and the usual hordes of “helpers”.

La Libertad San Salvador to El Cuco El Salvador

Ride Day 30: La Libertad, San Salvador to El Cuco, El Salvador by Motorbike

After the drama of the day and night before it was time to head to El Cuco, El Salvador, which is a small beachside community in El Salvador and ended up being one of my favorite places, great hotel (below) and great seafood. I stayed in the off-season so it wasn’t so busy, but local fishing boats, smiling kids, made it a great stay.

Tikal Ancient City, Guatemala

Ride Day 26: Flores to Tikal Ancient City, Guatemala by Motorbike

As I left for Chetumal from Ciudad del Carmen it was with some sadness, knowing that this would be my last long riding day in Mexico. I had fallen in love with just about everything related to this country, the people, communities, food and spirit of Mexico. Yes, I had seen all the news articles, been mocked by friends saying that my head would be separated from my body and all that stuff.