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South America is a continent located in the western hemisphere, mostly in the southern hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the northern hemisphere.

Vilcabamba, Ecuador to Jaén, Peru
Jaen to Trujillo, PeruJaen to Trujillo, PeruVilcabamba, Ecuador to Jaén, Peru

Ride Day 47: Jaen, Peru to Trujillo, Peru

After spending only two nights in Jaén, Peru I had a long day riding to Trujillo, Peru which is where I would spend only one night. It would take me a massive 13 hours to get to Trujillo, Peru taking in around 400 miles (625 kilometers) mostly on the paved roads. The biggest feature of this ride was going from the dense, lush rainforests into the barren mountains and windswept deserts of Peru.

Cuenca, Ecuador to Vilcabamba, Ecuador(HDR)
Cuenca, Ecuador to Vilcabamba, EcuadorCuenca, Ecuador to Vilcabamba, EcuadorCuenca, Ecuador to Vilcabamba, Ecuador(HDR)

Ride Day 45: Cuenca, Ecuador to Vilcabamba, Ecuador

After spending only one night in Cuenca, Ecuador, I had a long trip to Vilcabamba, Ecuador via Guayaquil.Vilcabamba is a small town nestled in a valley surrounded by gorgeous mountains. Vilcabamba is where I would spend New Year’s Eve and get myself ready for the border crossing to into Peru. The ride was a long one, mainly because I stopped so many times and also took my AirDog Drone out on top of a gorgeous little mountain

Quito to Cuenca, Ecuador
Quito to Cuenca, EcuadorQuito to Cuenca, EcuadorQuito to Cuenca, Ecuador

Ride Day 44: Quito, Ecuador to Cuenca, Ecuador

After spending 4 nights in Quito Ecuador, I needed to get back on the road and the 290+ miles (487 kilometres) to Cuenca, Ecuador. The ride would take me deep into the Andes Ranges and would take over 8 hours. It was so great to get on the road again and driving high up mountains and then deep into the valleys through some spectacular villages on my way to Cuenca was a treat I had been missing for a while.

Quito, Ecuador to The Quilotoa Loop
Quito, Ecuador to The Quilotoa LoopQuito, Ecuador to The Quilotoa LoopQuito, Ecuador to The Quilotoa Loop

Ride Day 42: Quito, Ecuador to The Quilotoa Loop

From my base in Quito Ecuador, I decided to take the Quilotoa Loop. which is a remote circuit that crosses through mountain villages such as Quilotoa, Latacunga, Saquisilí, Chugchilán, Sigchos, Zumbahua, Toacazo, Guangaje, Isinliví and Tigua. I took off early morning and made my way up to the mountain. The first part of the trip was mainly along the highway, then as you enter the loop you circle up high into the mountains and the roads are well paved and fun.